Current Officers (2017):

Board Of Directors:
Ravi Aggarwal (Treasurer) (Sargent & Lundy)
Walt Hilbish (Board Secretary)(First Energy - Perry)
Deep Ghosh (Chairman)(Southern Nuclear - Corporate)

NHUG Secretary: Robert Burley (Duke Power- Oconee)

Committee Chairs:
Control Room Habitability Chair: Eddie Wilbur (Entergy - Waterford 3)
Chiller Chair: Daniel Caraballo (STP)
Testing Chair: Keith Dorsey (Southern Nuclear - Vogtle 3&4)
Past Presidents of NHUG/HUG:
1992-1995 (NHUG/HUG)
Dave Lengel (SCE&G) NHUG; and Larry Coats (Commonwealth Edison) HUG
Bob Minikel (Entergy) NHUG; and Bill Perchazi (Commonwealth Edison) HUG

Bob Minikel (Entergy) 1996
Dennis Adams (Exelon, formerly Commonwealth Edison ) 1996 - 1998
Robert Campbell (TVA- Corporate) 1998 - 2001
Walter Hilbish (First Energy) 2002-2006
Deep Ghosh (Southern Nuclear - Corporate) 2006 - 2007
Robert Burley (Duke - Oconee) 2012 - 2015
Scott Grissom (Exelon - LaSalle) 2016

Use of the NHUG Documents & Meeting Presentations

The information made available at this website is intended to provide general information to NHUG members on the operation of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Refrigeration and Air Filtration Systems used at nuclear power plants.

Presentations made at NHUG meetings are the opinion and thoughts of the authors, and making such documents available at the website does not imply that NHUG endorses those same viewpoints or supports any implied action. These documents must not be used as a substitute for current regulations. Although every effort has been made to provide complete and accurate information, NHUG makes no warranty or representation whatsoever, expressed or implied, with respect to the use of this information or its fitness for a particular purpose.

Furthermore, NHUG assumes no responsibility for any damages or other liabilities whatsoever resulting from the use of these documents. It is also implied that information obtained at this website is not to be released to non-NHUG entities unless approved by the NHUG Board of Directors or otherwise required under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or other applicable laws.

NHUG used to meet bi-annually until 2009, and there after, has been meeting annually.


NHUG was formed by the merging of two regional HVAC Groups that were conducting meetings independently.
  • Southeast's NHUG (NRC Region 1 and 2) established HUG in 1992.
  • Midwest's HUG (NRC Region 3) established HUG in 1992.
The first NHUG regional meetings were hosted by member Utilities consisting of SCE&G, Duke, TVA, Entergy, Niagra Mohawk while the HUG meetings were hosted by Commonwealth Edison and Sargent Lundy and were held in Chicago. Each group met twice per year. The two groups combined in 1995, and the new group was called NHUG. NHUG was incorporated in 1997 in Illinois with charter and Bylaws.


NHUG is a Utility Group that promotes and achieves industry excellence through improved performance in the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) area through communication and training.

NHUG Objectives:
  • Industry excellence through communication and training (NHUG Motto)
  • Train personnel in nuclear power plant HVAC systems
  • Provide a forum to address nuclear HVAC issues collectively
  • Provide collective approach to problem solving techniques
  • Provide industry input on regulatory issues concerning HVAC systems
  • Provide an organization that is capable of working with other organizations in developing industry guidance documents for nuclear HVAC system applications